Tactical / Target / Varmit / Sporter Bolt Action Rifle


Barrel change or install $Quote

Glass Bed: _Full Legnth

Lug and Tang only

Pillar   (Includes custom made pillars)



$155.00 wood stock ______$135.00 Synthetic Stock

Threading, muzzle:     *Pricing is for most manufacturers See threading page: HERE

Badger Bolt Knob, Installed    *Includes bolt knob

$75.00 *PIC*
Install only, Customer supplied Badger Bolt Knob $45.00

Reinforce factory bolt handle with countersunk bolt.   *Most manufacturers

This service, or TIG weld reinforcement below, is highly recommeded when installing the oversized bolt knob due to the additional leverage the knob provides.


One torx cap head bolt. Add $20 for three bolts.

Reinforce factory bolt handle with TIG weld.   *Most manufacturers

$55.00* Will require refinish
Refinish Bolt, after bolt knob install or other bolt services +$35.00 *PIC*
True action: True receiver face, rcvr threads, barrel threads and shoulder, bolt face. Lap bolt lugs. Headspace ream to SAAMI minimum and re-time and attach bolt handle (TIG weld). Price Includes Badger Ord. precision ground recoil lug pinned to receiver..

$195.00 minimum /options

Install bottom metal. Ross or Badger Ord. $75.00 minimum* *Depends on stock model
Install detachable mag bottom metal. $Quote
Time and install bolt handle (TIG weld) $75.00 Will require refinish.
Forge Bolt Handle (includes polish and cold blue if not refinishing rifle) $90.00
Scope Mounting. Includes Lap rings, align and proper ring/base torque $45
Drill & Tap. Mauser, Rem700, Win70, 1903/A3, Savage110/10 $45
Drill & Tap. All others incl. handguns $15.00 /hole
Cleaning, normal $25.00 minimum
Cleaning, greasy milsurps (Inlcudes Wood!) $75.00 minimum

Basic Tech. / HS Inspect: Sporters





Parkerize or GunKote all steel parts


Parkerize Barrelled action only $105.00
Duracoat entire rifle (Exterior only) $135.00
Cerakote entire rifle - NEW - $195.00  
Parkerize + GunKote COMBO $295.00
Parkerize + DuraCoat COMBO $245.00
Parkerize + Cerakote COMBO - NEW - $295.00  

ULTIMATE REFINISH: Parkerize + GunCoat entire rifle + DuraCoat exterior! This is the ultimate sniper rifle finish. A time tested winning combo of parkerization and self lubricating, rock hard resin GunKote finish to all parts* provides protection + durability. The duracoat exterior adds yet another proven protectant and a more textured, dimentional finish.

$385.00 *PIC*

General Labor / Misc:

Man Hour


Machine Hour $100.00

Minimum charge is $25 on all labor

Most estimates are done free of charge unless otherwise specified.

Appraisals are $15 - $25 per piece dependent on quantity and type of collection. Includes written report.

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