Terms and conditions

Effective April 2004


All customers MUST agree to ALL of the following terms before sending any work to be performed by Front Line Armory.

All customers MUST send in a signed copy the Acceptance of Terms and Release from Liability form with thier projects.

Waiting list.

All rifle builds, and or refinishes are done on a waiting list system.

If I accept your project and you accept my terms and pricing I will place your project on a dated waiting list. As I finish previous builds and refinishes I will contact the next several people on the list that their turn is up. If still interested, simply send your project in with a detailed list of work to be performed and a copy of the quote we determined at time of project negotiations.

This policy should benefit the customer as well as myself. Customers will not be without their projects or rifles for extended periods and I will not have hundreds of rifles taking up much needed shop space.

This policy will likely be retired if and when I go full time at this job.

The waiting list is only for build/refinish projects.


Estimated turn around time.

I will never, under no circumstances, give a promised completion date on any project. Period.

If you need a project by a certain date the best I can do is give a good faith estimate, ahead of time. In other words, at the time of ordering (not after project is here). But again, I make NO promises.

I will provide an estimated turn around time. Estimate is based on current work load and volume of work currently being handled. Current situation is all I can honestly gauge a projected time line on. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you understand that this turn around estimated time can change dramatically due to the circumstances listed below, as well as other factors.

  1. I am one person. All of your work is completed by me, personally. Every single part is inspected, fitted, and detailed by my (only 2) hands.
  2. I do this work part time. This job is my hobby, I have a "day job" that pays the bills and is very demanding on my time.
  3. I have a family that is also very demanding on my time.
  4. Occasionally, I do get help with the operation of the business. This help is always ancillary in nature (books, cleaning, packing, etc.) so in addition to delays there are times of getting ahead on work.

All work will be processed in order. Small work (non build+refinish) work WILL be started ahead of existing larger jobs and turns around at a much faster rate than the larger projects. I can shorten and crown/thread etc a barrel in 1-2 weeks even when current build times are running 6 months. This is how it is and how it will remain and is at my discretion how much small work will precede larger jobs. But even the small jobs are done in order, just ahead of the larger ones.

In summary:  I have a day job that I am a 'slave' to.  I will not be your slave.  I reserve the right to accept only the work I wish to complete as well as the right to return, unfinished, any work I can not complete or do not wish to complete.   If I feel you are being impatient I think it is best for both of us if I return your work at that time, and I will ("No soup for you!")

This is "custom" gun work. If you want it "fast", I am definitely not your man. There are other reputable places that can do work "fast". I will gladly recommend one or more upon being asked. If you want it "perfect" and are willing to wait for it as needed, send me your project and I will build you exactly what you want.

Your acceptance of these terms means you acknowledge that larger projects will take a long time to complete.



I will provide periodic updates on your project. These will usually be when I have performed some actual work but will also try and update as to general status, particularly if turn around times are changing (for better or worse).

Feel free to email in an inquiry if you have not heard from me in a while Such as in excess of 4 weeks. I do not consider asking for an update to be "bugging me". I prefer email due to the record I can refer to later and the fact that it can be handled when I have time during the day. The phone is not as reliable since I may not answer it while working.

If you ask me to complete a project by a certain date it I will try to accommodate. Please do not demand I complete a project by a certain date. I can not and will not do work out of order. If you have waited longer than you wish to, I will return your project unfinished with appropriate refund. No hard feelings.

I will not finish projects ahead of other work or ahead of MY abilities to complete the project to my quality standards.


Parts & labor

All parts needed for work must be supplied by customer or paid for in advance of work being performed. No exceptions.

Labor costs do not need to be remitted up front, but customers are free to pay in advance.

Completed projects will not ship until all costs are paid for.

Any parts that are needed to be added to an existing project but not known until after work is started due to oversight –OR- needed as a result of changes to the work made after work arrives, will be invoiced and total will need to be remitted before item ships back to customer.

Labor amount is determined from listed rates or direct quote for work not specifically listed.



My insurance does not cover loss of your firearms or parts due to theft, flood or other act of nature, war, OR ANY OTHER REASON.. Most insurance companies that insure firearms will cover the items while they are away at a gunsmith. Check to make sure YOUR insurance (NRA or other) does this and that you have ample insurance coverage for the item(s) sent.



Parts (those needed at time of work request) must be paid for in advance or supplied, unless otherwise and specifically stated in your quote that I supply

Labor, shipping and all final costs per the final invoice I will supply will be paid in full before projects are returned.

Again, I do not require payment up front for labor, only parts. Customers are free to pay in advance at their choosing.



All firearms are shipped with "Adult signature required". No exceptions.

All firearms can only be returned to the original owner or an FFL licensee. No exceptions.

Rifles: I prefer to ship rifles via UPS ground or express. Customer is responsible for paying the actual return shipping charges. I do not charge for packaging.

Handguns: I will only ship Handguns via UPS overnight or "overnight saver" to non licensees. I will, on request, ship handguns via USPS Priority Mail, insured, restricted delivery to an FFL holder.

NFA Items: I will only return ship NFA (class III) items via UPS Overnight or second day air. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is the only sensible way to ship these valuable items. I do not require a form 5 transfer to work on NFA items (the ATF does not require this) If you want a form 5 transfer to accompany your NFA item to my shop and back there will be a fee to cover the paperwork processing. Please contact me for details.

Personal delivery and pickups: This is by appointment only and must be arranged ahead of time.

Hard rifle and pistol cases are available for purchase. I highly recommend them for shipping completed firearms.


Existing Customers

I value my existing customer base and in times of high workloads I will always discontinue taking "NEW" customers before stopping all work acceptance.

I only stop all work acceptance when turnaround times get out of hand or I have a higher, non business related priority that need my immediate attention.


I realize these terms will not be agreeable to everyone. But they are my terms and if you can not agree to the above terms I will have to respectfully decline to accept to do your work. I can and will recommend other smiths who do good work if you would wish.


And finally: All terms subject to change.


Acceptance of Terms and Release from Liability / Workorder form can be downloaded by clicking on THIS LINK.


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