Custom barrel work.

General Barrel services:

Crown barrel, Hand tool(45 or 11 degree crown)


Crown barrel, Lathe. (choice of crown angle style)

$45.00  minimum, depends on make/model

Lathe Cut & crown barrel (choice of crown)

$75.00  minimum

Remove integral front sight from barrel (Turn down in lathe) Inlc. optional cold blue $60.00  minimum PIC
Thread Barrel $75.00 minimum, options See "threading" section , below. 
Perm. attach muzzle device (solder or blind pin) $45.00
Add disassemble/reassemble firearm.  If not sending in stripped barrel.  Applies to services requiring lathe work. +$20 to +$60 Depends on firearm make/model.

Add Duracoat finish to above services (bbl only)

Add Parkerizing -OR- Gun-Kote to above services (bbl only) +$50.00
Add CeraKote to above services (bbl only) +$40.00 PIC

Barrel Threading:

* Standard (Die) threading: Suitable for flash hiders, muzzle brakes

** Precision threading:   Necessary for sound supressor (silencer) use. Barrel turned and threaded with single point threading tool on lathe. Turned between centers for concentricity with the bore.

Pricing is for *most* barrels.  Some makes/models are addtional cost, as will be quoted at time of request of services.

Standard Threading*, stripped barrel


Precision Threading **stripped barrel


Threading add-on services:

Cut & Crown barrel


Metric threads


Perm. attach muzzle device (solder or blind pin)


Disassemble/reassemble firearm.

+$20 to +$60 Depends on firearm make/model.  Examples: Most AR platform are +$20.  Rem 700 is $40

Generic, blued, thread protector

+$12 to +$20

Custom thread protector, stainless steel, to match barrel.

+$60 minimum   

Move front sight back, behind threads.

+$30 to +$75

Depends on firearm make/model.


General Labor / Misc:

Man Hour


Machine Hour $120.00

Minimum charge is $30 on all labor

Most estimates are done free of charge unless otherwise specified.

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