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NOTICE:  FRONT LINE ARMORY has moved to a new location.  We are still putting the finishing touches on our new shop set up.

New work being accepted on a limited basis.   Contact us via Email for current turn-around time.

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GUNS FOR SALE: Current offerings

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YES, we do transfers.            
Long Guns:  $15 *        
Handguns:  $20 *        
* The prices above are for the first transfer per visit. Additional transfers on same visit are $10 each for handguns and long guns.

Some examples of FLA projects


Click pics for details and larger photos!

NEWSAIGA-12 Shotguns

Custom conversions

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M1 Garands


Custom FALs


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Custom AK builds

Bolt gun rebuilds & restorations

Refinish: Military

UZI Refinish:

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CETMEs, Refinish:

cetme_th.jpg (5844 bytes)

REFINISH: Tactical Rifle Rem 700 Refinish

Sniper Rifles: Custom work and finishes

REFINISH: Sporting
Shotguns:  Click Here for shotgun refinishes

Rifles: Click for hunting rifle refinshing


Click pics for details and larger photos!

Modifications, builds and refinishes.


  • MORE AK's ! AK-47's ~ AK74's. Rivet builds & finishes

  • Saiga Shotgun conversions and mods
  • More NFA projects.

  • 1903/A3 , British Enfields, and other military bolt gun restorations.

  • M1 Carbines!

  • More M1 garand and M1A builds, match conversions and restorations.

  • 1919A4 Browning Machine Gun. Semi-auto builds/refinishes

Plus MUCH more...


Barrel vise (multiple platform) FAL barrel timing tools  : Discontinued

This site is ALWAYS under construction.

Many more FLA projects and detailed list of services and prices to be posted soon.

For a quote on your project please contact me via email at the link below, or call between 1530 and 2000 EST

Thanks for viewing my little cyber-showroom!

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