AR-15 /AR-10 / M16


Barrel change or install $55.00 minimum, options
Free-Float tube/handguards, install

Typically $25.00 to 75.00 options



Gasblock, new install (pin-on type)

Gasblock, new install (clamp type)

$25.00 minimum


Buttstock, install $20.00
Barrel Work:

Hand Crown barrel (45 or 11 degree)


Hand Cut + Crown barrel $40.00 *PIC* 
Lathe Crown Barrel (Stripped bbl) $35.00*
Lathe Cut + Crown Barrel (Stripped barrel) $45.00*
* Remove/Reattach barrel for lathe work +$20.00
Thread Barrel  Machine turned and die thread $55.00* minimum, options
Lathe Thread Barrel (precision threads for suppressor) $75.00* minimum
Cut + Crown + Die Thread barrel $75.00* minimum
Cut + Crown + Lathe Thread barrel $105.00*
Perm. attach muzzle device (solder or blind pin) $35.00
Flash Hider, install /time (on threaded barrel) $20.00
Remove '94 AW ban muzzle device and clean threads for new muzzle device $25.00 minimum
Barrel contour work or flutes $45.00 minimum
Re-contour / heavy barrel to M4 profile, front. (includes barrel re-parkerize) $95.00 minimum
Other Services :
Assemble Lower $25.00 minimum
Trigger job, standard trigger groups $45.00 minimum, options
Install/adjust match trigger group $25.00 minimum, options


Parkerize all steel parts


Parkerize Barrel only $65.00
Gunkote entire rifle (1 mag incl) $195.00
Duracoat exterior and carrier, entire rifle (over existing finish, 1 mag incl) $145.00
Abrasive blast + Duracoat exterior and carrier, entire rifle (1 mag incl). $180.00
Cerakote entire rifle (1 mag incl) $195.00

General Labor / Misc:

Man Hour


Machine Hour $100.00

Minimum charge is $20 on all labor

Most estimates are done free of charge unless otherwise specified.

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