No vice production planed for 2011

~ The R.Banks Extra Heavy Duty Barrel Vise ~

Pics are of prototype (parkerized), finished production model will include through holes in base for the option of bolting to work surface and is an inch shorter in legnth.

Package Includes:
  • Barrel vise body with 4 cap-head bolts
  • One bushing (Aluminum, choice from available bushings. IE:Mauser, FAL, M1/M14, etc)
  • Allen wrench
  • Barrel rosin.

This is a complete vise package, all you need to barrel your FAL with your receiver wrench.

Available parkerized (+$20)

In the white only option at this time

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rbanks barrel vise

I Designed this vise around the needs of the FAL builder using proven vise designs.

This vise looks very similar to a couple other manufacturers vises because it IS very similar. And it even uses the same bushings. Notable changes are the larger size and footprint. 3" wide by 10" long by 3.5" high.

This may seem slightly over engineered but was intentional due to the high torque values encountered and needed in FAL barreling. This way you can be confident you won't be damaging your equipment even when bearing down on the most stubborn of receiver stubs.



Extra heavy duty firearms vise Extra heavy duty for a lifetime of use

multiplatform bushings, compatible with brownells and elliot vises Standard bushing size, interchangeable with other brands. 6160 aluminum.

barrel vise Oversized base affords two mounting options:

1) Semi permanent bolt down

2) Clamp to any sturdy table

timing mark for eye timing Timing index mark on top and bottom blocks.

parkerizing available Available in the white or parkerized

mausers, fal kits, are no match Strong enough to remove old rcvr stubs without needing to cut them off which is time consuming and puts your bbl threads at risk of being damaged.


fal barrel bushing One std. taper bushing is included with the vise. (FAL/Rem700/etc)

More bushings will be produced for other weapon systems in the near future. Remember you can use your existing Brownells bushings.

Custom bushings will be available as well.


Timing Tool. Metric (Inch tool on the way soon)

Indexes off of the FRONT SIGHT. The front sight is what determines Top Dead Center (TDC). This tool gives a true TDC as it corresponds to the front sight.






The timing works a couple ways.

You can level the vice top half and use the witness mark in conjunction with the front sight leveler tool

Both top and bottom blocks have a 90 degree witness mark for timing by eye through the gas tube nut hole.


Use a level across the rcvr rails and the front sight timing tool. As in one of the pics (green torpedo level on receiver)

This is the easiest and most accurate way to acquire perfect TDC timing that I have found (and I've tried nearly all of them).

Simply ensure front sight tool is level when clamping bbl in vise and torque receiver until it's level matches the front sight level & your done. No need to have vise mounted level which may be an issue for some users. And since the front sight is the actual TDC reference there is no chance of error provided your levels are OK.

Complete, comprehensive and illustrated directions can be found HERE.


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No vice production planed for 2008

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