FAL / L1A1

Build Services:

Full Build, standard. Includes demill/gauge/inspect kit. Proper fitting/assembly, headspacing to FN spec unless otherwise directed, test fire and cut/crown/thread/ss mb, as needed) (Add +$35 to clean cosmo/grease packed kits) Test fire to confirm function (20 rounds minimum).


Full Build, HB and Paratrooper models. Same service as above for HB or Para rifles

Add Duracoat finish to a build service. Exterior and carrier only. +$150.00
* Note: US compliance parts and stock sets in stock for purchase. Inventory and pricing varies and can be quoted on request

Partial Build:

Barrel/rebarrel FAL Upper only $55.00
Headspace FAL only. Cust supplied locking shoulder for swap. Add +$25 for locking shoulder $30.00
Barrel + Headspace FAL Cust supplied locking shoulder for swap. Add +$25 for locking shoulder $75.00
Assemble Upper rcvr only. Barrel, headspace, fit/assemble and test fire complete upper rcvr $125.00
Barrel Work:

Hand Crown barrel (45 or 11 degree)


Hand Cut + Crown barrel $40.00 *PIC* 
Lathe Crown Barrel (Stripped bbl) $35.00*
Lathe Cut + Crown Barrel (Stripped barrel) $45.00*
* Remove/Reattach barrel for lathe work +$30.00
Thread Barrel  Machine turned and die thread $55.00* minimum, options *PIC* 
Lathe Thread Barrel (precision threads for suppressor) $75.00*
Cut + Crown + Die Thread barrel $75.00* minimum *PIC*
Cut + Crown + Lathe Thread barrel $95.00*
Perm. attach muzzle device (solder or blind pin) $35.00
Chase Izzy FAL threads to fit metric rcvr $15.00
Other Services:
Full Tech Inspection and test fire. $65.00
Paratrooper Receiver Mod - Mill receiver to accept PARA top cover $45.00 *PIC*
Stock spacer ring to render folding stock NON-FOLDING. Made of aluminum with GunKote finish. Hand made. $20.00
FAL Non-Detachable Mag release(parkerized) $35.00 *PIC*
FAL Non-Detachable Mag release conversion (parkerized) Your Part or exchange $25.00 *PIC*
Bolt Hold Open repair (Solder loose/wobbly foot) +reparkerize $35.00 *PIC*
Troubleshoot gas system problems $hourly rate $25 minumum


Parkerize all steel parts


Parkerize Barrelled action only $85.00
Parkerize Complete upper or complete lower $145.00
GunKote entire rifle $225.00
Duracoat entire rifle (Exterior and carrier only. Over existing finish) $170.00
Cerakote entire rifle - NEW - $245.00  
Parkerize + GunKote COMBO $349.00
Parkerize + DuraCoat COMBO $305.00
Parkerize + Cerakote COMBO - NEW - $369.00  

ULTIMATE REFINISH: Parkerize + GunCoat entire rifle + DuraCoat exterior! This is the ultimate battle rifle finish. A time tested winning combo of parkerization and self lubricating, rock hard resin GunKote finish to all parts* provides protection + durability. The duracoat exterior adds yet another proven protectant and a more textured, dimentional finish.


Camoflage: Most three color patterns. Fee for all DuraCoat packages

Camoflage: Most three color patterns. Fee is for any GunKote or Cerakote package.

+ $75.00

+ $125.00

Pics coming soon!

General Labor / Misc:

Man Hour


Machine Hour $100.00

Minimum charge is $20 on all labor

Most estimates are done free of charge unless otherwise specified.