Custom enhancements and services for your Ruger 10/22

Only a partial list, page is

General services:

Crown barrel (Std profile bbl, choice of crown)


PIC coming soon
Crown barrel (.920 in. bbl, choice of crown)


Cut & crown Std weight barrel (choice of crown)


Remove integral front sight from barrel (Turn down in lathe) Inlc. optional cold blue $25.00 PIC
Thread Barrel $45.00 minimum, options *PIC* 
Precision thread, for suppressor use.  Barrel turned and treaded with single point tool between lathe centers for concentricity with bore. Class 2A threads. $65

Custom thread protector, stainless steel, to match barrel.

Generic, blued, knurled thread protector +$12 to $20  
Set back factory barrel sight (Requires cutting barrel back) +$60
Cut + Crown + Thread barrel .COMBO $60.00 minimum *PIC* 
Perm. attach muzzle device (solder or blind pin) $20.00  

Add Duracoat finish to above services (bbl only)

Add Parkerizing to above services (bbl only) +$40.00  
Add Gun-Kote or CeraKote to above services (bbl only) +$35.00 PIC



Parkerize or Gun-Kote all steel parts (rcvr is GunKoted to match park with that svc)


Durcoat exterior of rifle $75.00  
Cerakote entire rifle $125.00  
Parkerize + Gun-Kote rifle $159.00  

General Labor / Misc:

Man Hour


Machine Hour $85.00  

Minimum charge is $20 on all labor

Most estimates are done free of charge unless otherwise specified.



MORE 10/22 SERVICES TO BE LISTED SOON. Email for qoute on services not shown above.