Basic Saiga-12 Conversion

12 Ga.

Example of a basic conversion package plus ventilated factory handguards and Tapco stock.

Economy Finish (DuraCoat) in satin black.



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Basic SAIGA-12 Conversion .... SAIGA 12 .....SAIGA12 Trigger guard

Saiga-12 shotguns are quickly gaining popularity as serious home defense and duty guns, as well as competition (3-gun). It is a versitile platform based on the simple yet reliable AK-47/AKM and is manufactured in Russia my Izhmash . Due to import restrictions the factory Saiga shotgun has a "sporting" style stock (no pistol grip), non-std fire control group parts and the platform is very basic. Converting to pistol grip configuration, modifying for reliability and other custom feature additions are in order for these guns before putting them to use as defensinve, duty or competition use.

Many Saiga shotguns suffer reliability problems right out of the box, particularly with low brass ammunition. These problems are usually made worse, or first manifest themselves, by converting to pistol grip configuration and/or barrel shortening. Guns that were reliable before conversion will often not run reliably after conversion. This is due to a number of factors, not the least of which is the guns were designed as military weapons, and low brass ammunition was not a factor. After conversion to pistol grip configuration and/or shortening the barrel length, there are a number of modifications that must be done in order to maintain reliability you would expect from a firearm based on the AK platform.

Front Line Armory converted Saiga shotguns will reliably run all commercial loadings down to the 1oz budget "bulk pack" dept. store offerings. We accomplish this by careful and custom modifying each guns gas system, hammer/trigger/sear, bolt, bolt carrier, barrel, recoil guide/springs and rails to interact efficiently enough to run the lighter ammo while maintaining reliability with high brass and magnum ammunition. After modification, all FLA converted shotguns are tested for reliability by firing a minimum of 40 rounds of low brass "bulk pack" bargain mart ammo. One of the reasons FLA conversion cost more than other companies conversion offerings. But what good is a pistol grip Saiga-12 that only runs expensive high brass ammo, possibly not reliably.

Basic conversion package includes:

  • Demil.
  • Weld over old trigger axis and and trigger guard holes and dress smooth.
  • Cut pistol grip slot, supply and install US made SAW style pistol grip and associated mounting hardware.
  • Install triggerguard. Consists of re-shaping and re-using demilled triggerguard & safety stop. (pic)
  • Gas system tune. Including convert to 4 port system if necessary.
  • Recontour bolt, bolt carrier, rails, recoil guide and HTS for smoother function and easier mag insertion on closed bolt. Clean up extractor cut and ramp barrel (bottom)
  • Install G2 hammer/trigger/sear set (supplied). Modified to fit and function in S-12. Includes new retainer wire.
  • Test fire (both max dram Buck and low-brass birdshot) approx 50 rnds
  • All other necessary fitting/tweaking (mag well, mag release, carrier rails, extractor tuning, safety fit, etc)
  • Duracoat exterior and carrier (choice of colors) over existing finish.

The S12 featured on this page also has had the factory handguards ventilated and the owner chose the economical but sturdy US made buttstock made by Tapco USA.

Additional options and customization can be added to the basic conversion to suit your needs as well as making your Saiga shogun uniquely yours. The most common standard options can be viewed on the Saiga pricing page.


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