Military Surplus Bolt Action Rifle


Barrel change or install: Mil. barrel $65 minimum
Barrel change or install: Commercial barrel $quote
Install NEW mil. short chambered barrel and headspace ream to minimum headspace. 1903/A3, some mauser, US 1917 $95.00
Scope Mounting. Includes Lap rings, align and proper ring/base torque $35
Drill & Tap. Mauser, Rem700, Win70, 1903/A3, Savage110/10 $45
Drill & Tap. All others incl. handguns $15.00 /hole
Cleaning, normal $35.00 minimum
Cleaning, greasy milsurps (Inlcudes Wood!) $55.00

Basic Tech. / HS Inspect:Milsurps



Parkerize or GunKote all steel parts


Parkerize Barrelled action only $95.00
Zinc park Add: +$25.00
Duracoat entire rifle (Exterior only) $135.00
Cerakote entire rifle - NEW - $185.00  
Parkerize + GunKote COMBO $255.00
Parkerize + DuraCoat COMBO $225.00
Parkerize + Cerakote COMBO - NEW - $275.00  

ULTIMATE REFINISH: Parkerize + GunCoat entire rifle + DuraCoat exterior! This is the ultimate sniper rifle finish. A time tested winning combo of parkerization and self lubricating, rock hard resin GunKote finish to all parts* provides protection + durability. The duracoat exterior adds yet another proven protectant and a more textured, dimentional finish.


General Labor / Misc:

Man Hour


Machine Hour $100.00

Minimum charge is $20 on all labor

Most estimates are done free of charge unless otherwise specified.

Appraisals are $10 - $20 per piece dependant on quantity and type of collection. Includes written report.