AK variants

Build Services:

Rivet Build, standard*. Includes gauge/inspect kit. Drill trunion holes in rcvr (if applicable). Fit/install trigger guard, trunions. Press and headspace barrel. Fit/Install internals, furnature, required US parts and any other fitting/tweaking (mag well, carrier rails, extractor tuning, safety fit, etc) Test fire to confirm function (30 rounds minimum). $195.00 Also applies to folding stock rifles being built on receivers that are PRE-cut for folding stock hardware
Rivet Build, Folding stock models* (if building on a std, non folding stock cut receiver) $245.00  
* For virgin kits (All new parts, not demilled) Add +$50.00  
Add Duracoat finish to a build service +$95.00  
Add Premium finish (Parkerize + GunKote) to a build service (single color) +$255.00  

Note: US compliance parts and stock sets in stock for purchase. Inventory and pricing varies and can be quoted on request.


Partial Build & Other Services:

Rivet work + install barrel. Fixed stock models. Fit/Install trigger guard and front/rear trunions. Press bbl in and chk headspace. No other assembly work. $125.00  
Rivet work + install barrel: Folding Stock Fit/Install trigger guard and front/rear trunions. Press bbl in and chk headspace. Mill/modify rear of receiver for folding stock trunion. No other assembly work. $170.00  

Rivet Trigger Guard, trunnions to rcvr only. Fixed stock models.



Rivet Trigger Guard, trunnions to rcvr only. FOLDING stock models.



Remove bbl from trunion $20.00  
Demill Kit (remove bbl and all rivets, inspect) $40.00  
Press BBL only (and chk headspace) $35.00  
Adjust headspace $55.00  

Crown barrel (45 or 11 degree)


Cut + Crown barrel $35.00  
Thread Barrel $45.00 minimum, options  
Cut + Crown + Thread barrel $60.00 minimum  
Perm. attach muzzle device (solder or blind pin) $25.00  



Parkerize all steel parts


Parkerize Barrelled action only $100.00  
GunKote entire rifle $175.00  
Duracoat entire rifle (Exterior and carrier only. Includes one magazine) $125.00 *PIC*
Cerakote entire rifle $195.00  
Parkerize + GunKote COMBO $299.00  
Parkerize + DuraCoat COMBO $275.00  
Parkerize + Cerakote COMBO $329.00  

ULTIMATE REFINISH: Parkerize + GunCoat entire rifle + DuraCoat exterior! This is the ultimate battle rifle finish. A time tested winning combo of parkerization and self lubricating, rock hard resin GunKote finish to all parts* provides protection + durability. The duracoat exterior adds yet another proven protectant and a more textured, dimentional finish.


* All carbon steel parts are parkerizend. Other metals that are not able to be parkerized are aci d etched prior to GunKote. .

Springs, some pins and all non metal parts are not refinished.

Camoflage: Most three color patterns. Fee for all DuraCoat packages.

Camoflage: Most three color patterns. Fee is for any GunKote or Cerakote package.

+ $65.00


+ $100.00


Pics coming soon!

ADD +$15 for all RPK models to above refinish pricing


General Labor / Misc:

Man Hour


Machine Hour $85.00  

Minimum charge is $20 on all labor

Most estimates are done free of charge unless otherwise specified.