Gunsmithing AR-15 and variants

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Standard & Custom Services

Barrel threading

  • Threading
  • Thread and time/attach flash hiders, muzzle breaks and suppressors.

Got a non std thread muzzle attachment you want to install on your AR?
No problem... We can machine and thread virtually any thread pattern and pitch.
Precision threading performed on lathe with single point threading tool between centers for threads perfectly concentric with bore. If you plan on using a suppressor this is vitally important.
Muzzle then re-crowned with an 11 degree crown or to customer specified profile.

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Parts installed/upgraded:

  • Free Float handguards and rail systems
  • Bayo lug front sights (post-ban to no-ban upgrade)
  • Folding or flat top front sight gas blocks
  • Optics mounted
  • Tac lights and mounts installed.

Special services :

Turn heavy barrel to M4 profile

Install custom barrel blanks/barrel extensions w/minimum headspace for target rifles.

Add custom rails, light or bipod mounts to free float tubes.


~ Please see the Pricing Page, HERE, for current pricing. ~

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