Custom Izzy Clone #3


Imbel receiver

IMA US made pistol grip w/selector stop. (Prevents hammer follow malfunction)

New recoil springs and carry handle plastic.

New Israeli furniture, stained and urathane coated. Custom made wood carry handle.

Folding charging handle.

All used parts inspected, fitted and replaced if necessary.

Refinished with high quality, heat cured, teflon-moly resin finish applied over fresh Manganese Phosphate (Parkerizing)

Headspaced to 1.622-1.633 for 7.62 and 308 Win use.

Test fired before refinishing, will require sight in and may require short "break-in" period to smooth contact areas between refinished moving parts.


6 US Made Parts For 18 USC Chapter 44 Section 925(d)(3) Compliance. (1989 "Import Ban")

Hammer, Trigger, Sear. Premium quality parts made by FSE (First Son Enterprises)

Gas Piston. Tapco

Folding Charging Handle. FSE


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