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Standard Grade G-1 FAL



Another Variation:

Originally manufactured in Germany for the German military.

FAC US made semi-auto only upper receiver, type 1.
New recoil springs, charging handle plastic knob and carry handle plastic.
All used parts inspected, fitted and replaced if necessary.
Refinished with high quality Mil-Spec. Manganese Phosphate (Parkerizing)
Headspaced to 1.632 - 1.633 for 7.62 and 308 Win use.
Test fired before refinishing, will require sight in and short “break-in” period to smooth contact areas between refinished moving parts. Close gas system down all way and fire 20 rnds. Gas adjustments will change through the first several hundred rounds as newly refinished parts wear.

7 US Made Parts For 18 USC Chapter 44 Section 925(d)(3) Compliance. (1989 “Import Ban”)
Hammer, Trigger, Sear. Premium quality parts made by First Son Enterprises
Buttstock, Handguards. Penguin Small Arms Works
Pistol Grip. IAI
Muzzle brake (Permanently attached) -Optional.


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